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Seychelles : discovering three emerald gems

Mathilde Banjan

Out off the Eastern coast of Africa, lost in the middle of the ocean are proudly standing the islands of beauty, that I like to call emerald gems. Their uniqueness comes with their luxurious nature, clear waters, beautiful rocky boulders, sandy beaches and warm welcoming inhabitants.

White sand with characteristic boulders and palm trees facing translucent water

It is quite impressive to think that the Seychelles archipelago counts 115 islands!

Among them I visited the three main inner islands, the beautiful Praslin, La Digue and Mahé.

Soon after reaching the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé, I embarked on the famous Cat Cocos ferry in order to reach Praslin as I decided to visit the main island Mahé before returning to Europe.

Talking about reaching, right after the flight it was an absolute relief to step outside, breathe the salty air with notes of plumeria blossoms from the trees around the airport.


Praslin embodies the very essence of diversity, civilization, and beauty simultaneously. I strongly recommend renting a car to explore the island thoroughly and stop at very unique spots, such as the absolute must-do: the amazing Vallée de Mai. This natural reserve is often described as the original "Garden of Eden" and is also the world's smallest UNESCO heritage site.

The evergreen Vallée de Mai, "Garden of Eden"

The inland natural flora in Vallée de Mai includes the unique "Coco de Mer" trees that are endemic to the island. The Coco de Mer trees have the largest seeds in the world!

Beautiful Coco de Mer seed from Praslin island

Anse Georgette and Anse Lazio are paradisiacal beaches to set foot on; the sand is so fine and white, the trees and the color of the ocean are amazing: both Anses are picture-perfect.

I stayed for two nights in the northern part of the island, at the Constance Lemuria Praslin hotel, which is inviting and relaxing. The service is great, and the amenities are more than comfortable. I really appreciated the location, as it is very convenient for catching the sunrise at Anse Lazio and the sunset at Anse Georgette.

Sunset over the beautiful beach Anse Lazio, Praslin

La Digue

A brief 15-minute boat ride from Praslin Island brings you to La Digue! The journey itself feels almost surreal, as you traverse from one paradise to another, gazing at the vast blue horizon and the enchanting land ahead.

La Digue island measures approximately 5 km in length and 3.3 km in width. Due to its compact size, I opted for a bicycle as my primary mode of transportation. This choice is particularly practical on an island with few cars, allowing ample time to soak in the surroundings, enjoy the fresh breeze, and feel the wind in your hair.

Bike ride in La Digue near Rock Union and a former coconut and vanilla plantation

I would recommend exploring the entire island. Key attractions include Anse Source d'Argent and Grande Anse, which offer a magical landscape unique to La Digue. Another treasure is Nid D'Aigle ('Eagle Nest'), situated at the island’s highest point, 333 meters above sea level. It’s accessible after an enjoyable 40-minute hike through the forest.

Panoramic view from the trail on the way to Nid D'Aigle, La Digue

Another noteworthy spot is the aptly named restaurant "Belle Vue," known for its stunning views. Make sure to reserve a spot in advance to enjoy the sunset while tasting delicious local dishes.


Before traveling back home, it would have been a shame to miss visiting the main island! With only two days left in this heaven on Earth and rain forecasted for the next day, I pondered the best choice for my adventures. Initially, I planned to hike to Morne Seychellois Peak, but with the rains and slippery soil, it would not be the best option for a hike at the highest altitude (905 meters) on the island.

Considering both my wishes and the weather, I decided, "Let's dive and visit the markets on the main island." Having only seen the richness of the Seychelles' marine life by swimming with goggles: brightly colored fishes, sea stars, corals, and much more.
I was excited to learn more about the ecosystem and the beautiful marine diversity in these clear waters. I booked a morning dive with Blue Sea Divers Seychelles, and oh, was it memorable! The team's energy was great. We didn't just go in; we saw trumpet fish, sea turtles, and so much more. It was a treat and a treasurable memory.

Orange spotted filefish from a coral reef dive near Mahé Island

Back at the diving center, some of us decided to have lunch together, sharing stories and experiences of the Seychelles. We were all impressed by the beauty and incredible scenery of the islands. The local shared dish was delicious, featuring spices, fresh vegetables, grilled fish, and fresh fruits: definitely a great way to experience the main island.

The afternoon visit to the markets was a sensory delight, filled with bright colors, handmade crafts, the scent of lemongrass, and the sweet flavors of vanilla and coconut from the islands. I walked back to my accommodation filled with peacefulness and vivid images I am not ready to forget!

A table of fresh fruits, Mahé market

The next and last day, I visited the lovely and refreshing Victoria Botanical Gardens in the morning. In the afternoon, I went for a hike at Sauzier Waterfall before enjoying a last swim at the amazing Anse du Riz. I reached Anse through the short Cap Ternay Trail, which is beautiful and offers a glimpse of the nearby Baie Ternay Marine National Park with unbelievably clear waters. Once at Anse du Riz, I felt like I was in another world. I saw two small ray fishes and felt this was a beautiful gift before flying back.

Drone view of the beautiful Anse Riz accessible through Cap Terney Trail

The Seychelles are forever in my heart! I will definitely go back.